Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ryuutama: Ashes to Ashes, Day 2

This is the continuing chronicle of my unorthodox solo Ryuutama game. The two previous posts are Preparation and Day 1.

  • I play Clover Hartfeld, a Technical-type Hunter. She's on a journey to take her brother's ashes home from the town of Polem to Feruto.

In the morning I was weary and stiff, but relieved to emerge from the forest onto the flat, open wastelands. Fog covered the ground, so soon I was alone in my own little world - a slowly shifting circle of desolate rock and scrubby bushes with me at the centre. The fog ate the sound of my boots crunching over the gravel, but I was grateful for the easy travel and the solitude.

I got an 8 for Condition again, but same as yesterday it didn't have any meaningful impact on the journey.

Wasteland plus Fog has a total Topography target of 7, which is a bit more achievable on two dice than the 10 for Forest. My Travel roll was an 11 including the bonus for Climbing Shoes, so no problems there!

I rolled randomly to see if Clover would run into any monsters, but nothing showed up. I think tomorrow I'll stage a simple encounter just so I can test out the combat system.

Since I couldn't see very far around me, I focussed extra hard on making sure I was headed in the right direction. By the end of the day, as the fog cleared, I was pleased to see I was right on track and only one day's walk from Feruto.

I didn't want to fail the Direction roll and add an extra day to the journey, so I Concentrated on the roll and got a total of 14! A little over the top, but better safe than sorry.

Relieved at the relative ease of today's travel, I set up camp in a comfortable bowl of sand sheltered by an overhanging rock. The manageable effort of today's travel had eased away my stresses, and I settled down for one of the best night's sleep I've had in ages.

I rolled a Critical success on the Camping check for a total of 13 (including Shoe bonus)! After losing half her HP and most of her MP the day before, Clover's had both fully restored and gained a +1 bonus on tomorrow's Condition roll!

Okay, so tomorrow it's one more day of travel across Wastelands to reach her goal, plus I'll put an encounter in her way too. I was a bit worried that she might fall easily in combat if attacked when her HP and MP were low, but today's Camping check has removed that concern - as long as I don't fail the Travel check tomorrow!

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