Saturday, 31 May 2014


It's been over a month since my last post here. I have several Actual Play posts partly written up, but haven't mnaged to finish them off. I've been directing my creative energies elsewhere, and to good effect!

Firstly, I've made a good push towards finishing the text for my PowerFrame RPG! I only need to put one example into the Mysticism section and that's done (pending revision or adjustment). However, the perfectionist in me insists that I add a Vehicles section too. That's going to be a few pages with some basic templates and piloting instructions, but I won't have room to include comprehensive lists or creation rules.

Secondly, I've actually been getting a bit of work as an RPG freelancer! I have a few jobs on the go at the moment.

I'm doing some writing for Combat Description Cards. It's an interesting project, but coming up with so many different ways to describe attacks can be taxing at times! We're almost done with descriptions for the main decks.

I'm drawing pictures of fuzzy animals for Wordsmith Games' Strays RPG, due to be Kickstarted soon! I'll post some of the pictures once I'm allowed to.

I'm also waiting on the Kickstarter for a zombie game called Fear The Living; if it's successful, I'll be doing editing and layout. I know zombies have been done to death and back again, but having only recently watched the entirety of The Walking Dead, this game will save me the trouble of writing my own Apocalypse World hack for the zombie apocalypse! It's half dealing with zombie chaos, half dealing with the other survivors, which is a mix I'm looking forward to exploring.

I'm also waiting on the Kickstarter for Fragged Empire, for which I'm hoping to provide editing services. I've already gone over the website text, including the short story and species information. The author's also a graphic designer, so the layout and presentation is already really slick, and he has some stunning artists on board.

I'll post links to the Kickstarters once they go live!