Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Missing Time

Sorry for the hiatus - I spent the latter part of 2013 packing and cleaning my flat so I could move cities and start living with my fiancée. Now I'm all moved in (although not quite all unpacked), and I'm slowly adjusting to my new life and a different schedule. At the moment I'm a homemaker while my partner's working full-time, and I'm still adjusting to doing housework and garden maintenance all the time. Hopefully there'll be some freelance graphics work on the horizon, although I'd love to get paid to proofread RPGs! Once I get more into the swing of things, I hope to be able to set aside some decent chunks of time for various game and craft projects.

This year I think I'd like to shift the focus of this blog away from detailed (and time-consuming) Actual Plays, towards summaries of the sessions' events and more discussion about how we played the game - where I thought the game system helped or hindered, or discussions of techniques. I started this somewhat with the Rippers: Prologue with a lengthy discussion of character creation, but I then followed it up with a complete AP. I think I'll also stop back-dating APs to when we played the session, and instead just post them when I get them done.

With my change of lifestyle, I'm hoping to push on and finish my PowerFrame RPG this year, so I'm looking forward to blogging about my progress and thoughts on that system in general. Once that's done, or as the mood strikes me, I'll probably pick up some older projects and see if I can finish those off too - or I might just start something completely different!

I'm looking forward to a fresh and diverse 2014 with new gamers in a new city. Thanks for reading last year, and for your ongoing patronage!

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