Sunday, 16 June 2013

Skyship Islands 5

  • Alice plays Amarylis, a female Centaur barbarian with a warhammer and an attitude.
  • +Andrew is playing Inigo Yonez, a male Dwarven archaeologist.
  • +Melysa is playing Annona, a female Jungle Elf shaman.
  • Michael plays Engrin, a quiet male Human rogue armed with a crossbow.
  • I'm playing Zanne, the female Human captain of a small skyship. 

On our way to the flying island on which lay the ruins of an ancient Elven civilisation, we stopped off at a bustling market city - one of the trading capitals of the world - to resupply and get some work done. I paid to have the ship's engines overhauled, increasing their "grunt" and giving her a better chance in strong winds and storms. Most of the party went shopping with loot gained from our previous expedition; I bought a bigger staff and some more leather armour, Amarylis got some custom spiked horseshoes, Engrin bought a bow and a new sword, and Inigo bought a pot of glue.

The ancient elven island was quite large, so we had little trouble locating it wending a slow circuit near the equator. We'd heard rumours that the jungle-choked ruins were now home to goblins and possibly gar-ogres, a particularly vicious breed with nasty needle-like fangs.

We landed the skyship on a rocky "shore" near a river that flowed from the interior to endlessly plunge off the edge, turning to mist long before reaching the island below and scattering rainbows beneath the ponderously floating rock. Matis the ship's engineer had brought a collapsible boat, so the main party assembled it and began punting upstream into the interior.

As we were carrying the boat around a cataract, a leopard pounced on Inigo and rendered him unconscious! Annona talked it down with her Beast-Speak magic, and restored Inigo to health with medicine and magic. She recruited the leopard to act as a guide and ally, and learned from it that the river ahead was the territory of a gar-ogress with two sons, the latter having recently headed further upstream to seek their own territories.

We discussed at length how to best get past the ogress. We eventually decided to have Annona and the leopard cause a distraction in the jungle, thus attempting to lure the ogress away while the rest of us punt past its campsite...

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