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Future Born to Pain in the Stars 1.1.2

It's taken me a while to write up this post, partly because I wait for +David to write up his summary first. Then, I copy and paste that, and edit it down a bit, and then go through and flesh out my character's role. I've found both when running and playing Cortex Plus Drama that the session tends to require a lot of energy, and so I usually don't feel much like writing about it until a day or two afterwards anyway.

As last time, I'll be writing from my character's point of view - Ambassador Kaaradan'Bo'Maar of the B'Daan Empire. To provide a complete picture, the exploits of other characters are presented in indented paragraphs.

A shot of the Space Station from a distance, with the vast asteroid belt glinting in the darkness behind it. The camera follows a small Fo shuttle moving to dock with the station.
In his quarters, Ambassador Lokshma of the Erodo is being advised on this evening's Valon Festival. He receives a message, asking him to meet with his nephew PocMahl.

Station Chief of Security Marcus McGerrit wakes up in the sewer tunnels, and discovers he’s been out of action for a while. Security officers find him as he’s reading a congratulatory message from the Valon Representative, H'Ssan Gurahl, for preventing the theft of the cargo.

Future Born to Pain in the Stars

Starring (in alphabetical order):
  • +Jason Dettman as Lokshma of the Erodo (Fo) - Ambassador, The Union
  • Craig Judd as Kaaradan'Bo'Maar (B'Daani Atmaa) - Ambassador, B'Daan Empire
  • +Dev Lox  as Marcus McGerrit (Human Cyborg) - Station Chief of Security
  • Robyn Miessler-Kubanek as Juliet Sanchez (Human) - Station Captain

Created and Directed by +David Miessler-Kubanek 

Season 1, Episode 1: Feast for the Soul, Part 2

Chief McGerrit and Captain Julia Sanchez discuss what’s been going on. There are many security matters requiring attention.
Lokshma meets with his nephew, PocMahl, to talk about things. PocMahl is determined to bring General Kaaradan to justice for war crimes. He has proof, and a witness aboard his shuttle. Lokshma convinces his nephew to hold off on seeing the Captain for the time being. PocMahl is angry but consents.
McGerrit follows up on his long list of things to do, including investigating the issues surrounding the foiled theft of Valon cargo, and the mishaps involving Hashaa. McGerrit also assigns Lt. Vosh, his second, to take point on the Council Chambers where the Valon Festival is taking place.
PocMahl and Lokshma go to the shuttle to meet the witness, The B’Daani Colonel Kordash claims to have been one of the soldiers who fired upon the surrendered Fo army and CAW observer forces on Aegis 7. They talk a little, then Lokshma has his nephew go to the cockpit so he can speak with the Colonel alone.
McGerrit learns that Ambassador Daniel Van Schultz went to visit the Fo-an attacker in the brig - the prisoner who recently escaped. McGerrit reviews the video footage, but the audio is mostly static. He manages to clean it up enough to learn that Van Schultz plotted with the prisoner to attack Ambassador Kaaradan during the Festival. He manages to recapture the Fo-an, who was trying to find a spot to hide near the Council Chambers.

I assigned two of my security detachment to stand guard outside my chambers, while the other two are to accompany me at all times. I have also deputised one to handle my secretarial duties while Hashaa is in Medbay.

McGerrit reports to Captain Sanchez and the Captain orders the Chief to Medbay to get checked over.

Having reasoned that a larger and more diverse entourage would offer greater security while at the same time demonstrating the might and glory of the Empire. I went to the Council Chambers, where the Valon were preparing for their festival, and communicated my requirements to their representative, H'Ssan Gurahl. He offered to provide me with four of his best hunters, and I found this agreeable.

Lokshma goes to Command & Control to speak with Captain Sanchez. They talk about the Fo-an attack on Ambassador Kaaradan, and about PocMahl's accusation.

I received a visit from Security Chief McGerrit. He enquired about my new security forces, so I explained where I had found Station security lacking and had taken matters upon myself. He seemed uncertain and disoriented, and left, apparently satisfied by my explanations.

Shortly after McGerrit left, the promised Valon hunters arrived. I stationed two outside, and two inside. One of them displayed awe at being in my presence, and at being allowed in the quarters of a B'Daani Atmaa. I was pleased by his zeal, but warned him not to touch anything.

Chief McGerrit eventually makes it to Medbay, but not before having a minor relapse from his exposure to the drug. Dr. Dierdre Sandaval checks him over, gets him on an IV drip, and tells him not to work tonight.

Later in the afternoon, I also received a visit from Jason Delores, cultural aide to the CAW. He and I have been discussing many cultural issues since my arrival on the station, and I invited him in for tea. He showed some distaste at one of the fertility rituals the Valon required guests to perform, but I impressed upon him my opinion that one must show respect and consideration to the lesser species. Every creature has its own place in the order of things.He also asked about Hashaa, and mentioned that his presence in Medbay was giving other factions the chance to study B'Daani biology. This did not overly concern me, as I am sure many Issh were captured and examined during the War, as were Humans and Fo on our part.

Ambassador Lokshma visits the recaptured Fo-an prisoner. Lokshma learns that the prisoner, Valesh, is a fanatic of the Shining Path who is determined to kill Ambassador Kaaradan to destroy the darkness in this part of the galaxy. Lokshma uses his mysticism to convince Valesh to follow him as a new avatar of the Shining One.
Dr. Sandaval calls Captain Sanchez to say that the Chief is unfit for duty. Meanwhile, McGerrit sneaks out into the hallway. Having confirmed the incense-drug's harmful effects, the Captain orders engineers to work on the Council Chambers' environmental systems. The Captain fails to find out if the incense-drug is the sort normally used by the Valon.
The Captain then went to the Council Chambers and spoke with Valon representative Gurahl about the incense problem. Gurahl admitted that they could not get the proper incense in time for the Festival and had ordered an alternative from InTech. Captain Sanchez said that she would look for a safer alternative in time for the Festival, which did not comfort Gurahl.
Captain Sanchez learns that McGerrit has left Medbay, and with Lt. Vosh, finds him passed out in his quarters. Sanchez gives him a firm talking to as a friend.
Ambassador Lokshma contemplates what to do next.


>>> To be continued

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