Thursday, 20 February 2014

Basilica Construction Log 2

Today I finished gluing together all of the main superstructure of the model Basilica I'm making as Anima Tactics scenery. Updates since the previous log are the completion of both towers, the inclusion of stairs inside the towers, the addition of corbels to hold up various removable roof segments - and, of course, actually gluing the upper works together rather than just dry-fitting them.

Aerial front view of the fully-assembled Basilica.

Still to do are various railings, windows, doors, and column details. Most of these will be made from 1.5mm plywood, but I didn't manage to complete and cut the designs for these pieces before I stopped working somewhere with a laser engraver. Once I get the designs together, though, I'll email them through for the guys to cut and post back to me. I also need to paint it, but obviously I'll need to wait until the final details are assembled.

Aerial side view.

Aerial rear view.

I've included Celia in most of the pictures to give you a guided tour and provide a sense of scale.

The imposing facade (although I forgot to add the Church symbol for this shot)

The front doors.

View from the entrance, looking up at the vaulted ceiling.

Sunlight streaming through the choir windows.

Slightly less blinding shot from the front entrance.

The building comes apart to allow access to various floors during a game. The entire upper works come off, as do the transept roofs and bridges, and three additional storeys of towers.
You can just see the plywood Church symbol on the front.

Fully disassembled into its separate pieces.

Celia on the transept bridge (transept roof removed)

In the following series of photos, you can follow Celia up the stairs to the top of the left tower.

On the ground floor, the tower stairs are accessed from an arch at the end of the aisle.

The first floor provides access to the aisle rooftop, and also has an arch overlooking the nave (not shown).

The second floor stairs are fully enclosed.

The third floor provides access to the main rooftop. It's also the top of the staircase.

The fourth floor is a bell-tower, and can only be reached by climbing or leaping.
The Church symbol on the front is more clearly visible here.

The very top of the structure, the tower roof is accessible only by climbing or leaping.

I've recently started introducing some new friends to Anima Tactics, and I'm looking forward to playing a game on this scenery now the majority of it is together!

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