Saturday, 3 August 2013

Savage Devonport 5

Last time, our heroes pursued a group of orcs into the twisted landscape of the Shattered Mountain in search of the Lost Library. Having overcome the orcs, they began exploring the ruins...
  • +Annette plays Snowfall, a Human Paladin whose family owns an apothecary in Stormhaven.
  • David plays Ret Inas, a Human Thief from the village of Dryfield.
  • James plays Angus Arrowbeard, a Dwarven Archer/Rogue from a hold to the North.
  • Michael plays Novim, an Elf Ranger who has sworn fealty to the Lord of the Jagged Coast.
  • Sasha plays Kae Swiftfoot, a Monk/Rogue who owns a corn farm North of Stormhaven.
  • Shane plays Typhus, a Wizard who seeks to make his fortune.

After exploring the doorway to the left and defeating a brood of giant spiders, the party returns to the main chamber and unlocks the doorway to the right. Kae manages to avoid a poisoned needle trap in the lock. Beyond, they discover only a series of derelict rooms and hallways, with most of the books long since mouldered and rotten. They manage to find a stairway up, and come out on the walkway surrounding the main chamber one floor up - the stairs down to the ground floor had long since collapsed.

Always willing to walk straight into danger, Kae steps out first, and is nearly hit by a stone gargoyle plummeting from the upper galleries! Three more circle downwards on rigid wings, and battle is met! The gargoyles' tough hide makes them difficult to put down. One manages to engage Novim in close combat, and requires some cross-fire to defeat. Soon the gargoyles lie shattered into piles of rubble, and the party has suffered no major injuries.

In an alcove, they discover an enchanted longsword. The blade is covered in mystical sigils that Typhus identifies as a Shapeshifting spell. Ret claims it as he desperately needs a stronger melee weapon, having only been armed with a knife.

From the balcony here, they can see some alcoves very high up on the opposite side of the chamber, among shattered stone walkways. There seems to be something in one, but they can't tell what. Also, directly above them is a great jagged hole in the stonework leading into the mountain. They head upstairs, Typhus leading the way through a maze of corridors and hallways, until they reach the chamber that opens out onto the central chamber through the broken wall.

The large chamber has a single door from the passageways. Three of its walls are solid and strong, but the fourth facing onto the central tower chamber has been bashed or broken through, leaving a large jagged hole. The floor here is covered with the dried and dismembered carcasses of many creatures; this is obviously the lair of some fierce beast, although they can't immediately identify it.

From here, the walkway around the central chamber is broken and intermittent. In an alcove opposite, they can see what looks like a shiny suit of mail. Rather than risk jumping across the gaps, Ret uses his new sword to transform into a hawk and fly across. On the other side, he finds a mail hauberk, and also discovers a black leather-bound spellbook with pages of woven metal cloth.

Before he can secure the items and return, the group hears the beating of powerful wings approach. They call out to Ret, who has time to throw the armour and the book off the ledge onto the floor far below just before a wyvern flies through the cracked dome! It screeches as it discovers people in its lair, and swoops to attack Typhus! He backs away as Kae, Snowfall, and Angus step forward to engage it in close combat. Ret turns back into a hawk and flies towards the wyvern's back, attempting to attack it in the back with his longsword by changing back after making it to the other side. Unfortunately his blow is turned aside by its thick hide.

Lashing with tooth and poisonous tail-sting, the wyvern rages against the heroes. It inflicts several near-misses, but good luck saves the adventurers from harm. After an epic battle it succumbs to their blows and falls dead, with Kae striking the final wound!

They take the time to dig through the bone-litter, uncovering some coin, and then head downstairs to investigate the treasure flung from the alcove. Typhus identifies both items. The armour is known as the Hauberk of the Mage-Slayer, and grants the wearer great resistance to magic. The book is a Tome of Zombie, which Typhus keeps even though the spell is as yet beyond his capabilities.

Having scoured the Library for all that it now holds, the party makes their way back to the village of Dryfield to rest, resupply, and consider their next adventure.

That was the last session of Savage Worlds we'll be playing for a while. Not a particularly conclusive end, but at least the fight with the wyvern was a nice "boss fight." The campaign is going on indefinite hiatus while Sasha starts running a game of D&D Next using the current playtest rules.

>>> To be continued..?

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