Monday, 12 August 2013

Eternal Contenders: Oblim Harbour

After my two-player game with John, I got together with Barb and Rohin to try a three-player game of Eternal Contenders. We played a short game over two sessions, but I didn't have time to blog the first session straight away, so the entire account is in this post. I'll try to keep it brief!

  • Barb plays Alchё-Morei, a Dark-Friend cultist, worshipper of the dark god Xuxanadora. He wields an iron sacrificial stake. He hopes to build a temple and establish his religion firmly in Oblim, and fears that his cult might slip into obscurity.
  • Rohin plays Rudolf the Red-Guard, a Militant ex-mercenary. He's equipped with a tower shield. The Red-Guard company has fallen on hard times, with their remaining members scattered. Rudolf hopes to rebuild the company, and fears that their name will be forgotten to history.
  • I play Cadence Bell, a Rapscallion sailor whose father's shipping company has fallen on hard times. She's equipped with a small anchor-like grapple on a rope. She hopes to gain the funds and support to rebuild the company, and fears that her father will die a penniless and broken man.

Cadence works at the docks, moving crates around. It's modest work, but the paymaster short-changes her and she only earns half pay for her effort.

Alchё works by taking on an assassination contract. While he's successful, he's witnessed fleeing the scene and earns only half pay for a sloppy job.

The business colleague of Alchё's victim is on his way to pay for a hit on Alchё  when Rudolf goes to work by attempting to rob him! Unfortunately he fails, and is pursued by the city watch.

As Alchё returns to his abode in the poor district near the docks, Cadence robs him, getting away with some of his money!

Alchё challenges Cadence to a duel at the docks! It will be fought over five rounds, with no special rules.

The Watch eventually caught up with Rudolf, but he forms a connection with their Sergeant who recognises him as a veteran. Rudolf hopes to gain a position in the Watch, and fears being rejected and chased out of town.

Cadence and Alchё duel at the docks! Rudolf is among the spectators. The duel drags out into the full five rounds, with both warriors giving it everything they have. In the end, Alchё emerges victorious on points!

Alchё increases his Manoeuvre by training in the waters off the docks, trying to catch whiting with his teeth.

Rudolf works for the Watch, cleaning up drunks around the waterfront. He earns his wages, but one of the ruffians he cleaned up must have lightened his purse.

Cadence connects with her father, Yarvin Bell, and gives him some of the money she's earned. He's grateful, and Cadence feels hopeful about the future.

Alchё works by selling some of the fish he's caught at the docks. He doesn't earn much, and manages to spike his hand on a sharp fish-fin.

Rudolf works on his muscles, training his Power up.

This is where we ended the first session.

Cadence attempts to rob Alchё again, but he sees her coming and warns her off.

Alchё challenges Rudolf to a duel; it will be four rounds, with no special rules.

The duel between Alchё and Rudolf takes place at the docks, with Cadence observing. Alchё bets a little on himself.
Round One - Alchё comes in hard with his stake and Darkness techniques, and stabs Rudolf through the shoulder! 
Round Two - Both warriors bring the pain! Alchё manages to slip past Rudolf's tower shield to inflict a minor wound.
Round Three - Rudolf goes on the defensive, but Alchё comes in strong. Rudolf does little to slow his opponent down, and Alchё wins with a knockout!
As Alchё's collecting his winnings and leaving the docks, Cadence slips past and robs him of a little money. He has no idea where it went!

Alchё connects with his cult by investing in some building materials and starting work on the foundations of his Temple to Xuxanadora. Hope fills his dark heart.

Rudolf challenges Cadence to a duel! It will be to first blood, in a Godless arena.

Cadence and Rudolf meet for their duel on a narrow jetty. The loser will be the first person to be knocked in the water! Rudolf goes on the defensive, trying to skip out of the way. Cadence barrels straight past him, catching a glancing blow on the way. Her grapple trails behind her, latching onto Rudolf; with her momentum, she pulls him off-balance and sends him into the water!

Alchё tries to rob Cadence at the fish markets, but fails and the tables are turned. She teaches Alchё a lesson by taking his iron stake off him.

Rudolf does more work for the Watch, clearing up drunks around the docks.

Cadence works by lugging cargo around the docks. It's menial labour, but honest and happy work.

Alchё tries to rob Cadence again at the docks, but one of her dock-worker buddies warns her to watch her back and Alchё is forced to withdraw.

Rudolf starts a brawl with Alchё, but Alchё wins. Rudolf is forced to crawl away, humiliated.

At this point, Alchё's Renown reached the Endgame Trigger, and Rudolf's Pain became high enough to trigger his Pain Revealed.

Cadence returns home and gives all of her money to her father, gaining hope that they'll soon be able to rebuild the shipping company.

Alchё heads to the markets and buys an iron fire-poker, because it's really hard to find a place that sells sacrificial stakes of Xuxanadora.

Rudolf confronts his inner pain and gives in to it, becoming consumed with self-loathing and the desperation to prove himself.

The grand Tournament is declared, with fame and glory for the winner! The warriors all agree to a single three-way match, in an Enlightening arena.

The Arena conditions mean we each picked up a new Technique for this fight only.

The Tournament begins! Alchё and Rudolf both bring the pain, but Cadence holds back and goes on the defensive. Rudolf mirrors her defensive stance. There is a mighty exchange of blows; Alchё goes wild on Cadence with his poker, knocking her out cold and reclaiming his sacrificial stake. Although Rudolf manages to land a couple of blows, nothing can quell Alchё's fury. By the end of Round One, Alchё s knocked both Cadence and Rudolf out clean! The cultist is declared the winner, and riches and glory are showered upon him.


Cadence's father is still OK, but they aren't any closer to fulfilling their dream of restarting the shipping company either. It'll take a lot more hard work to get things off the ground.

Despite winning the Tournament, Alchё's cult is still forced to lurk in the shadows. Although he's made a start on the Temple to Xuxanadora, he, too, has a long way to go.

Transformed into a dark and twisted individual, Rudolf hunts down and personally puts an end to all of the surviving members of the Red-Guards. He's eventually arrested and executed for his crimes.

Cadence could possibly have won the final Tournament if I'd opted to Bring the Pain as well. I decided to hold back and try to just survive the first round, mostly because I had Hope at 4 and Pain at 3 and I wanted to try and come out of this game with a positive result. Unfortunately, losing the match meant I gained Pain, and so I got an ambivalent ending. If I'd Brought the Pain as well, my Pain would have equalled my Hope - but if I'd won the Tournament I could have both lost a point of Pain and gained a point of Hope! You live and learn.

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