Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Smallville Resources

A while ago, I posted some resources for my SamuraiVille and piccoLaguna hacks. Since I'm just gearing up to run an online Smallville game, The Complex, I thought I'd share some more general Smallville resources I put together. These are of course offered for general use, no strings attached, since I don't have any connection to Margaret Weis Productions.

Pathways Worksheet

Because I've had players try to race ahead or go back and change their minds, I made a Pathways Worksheet to keep track of choices during character creation. This also lets Watchtower audit the sheet and make sure the player's taken the right number of steps. I combined this with an online character sheet, which I could also post if there's any interest!

You put your decision at each stage up the top. Every time you get a new thing, you put its name on the left and put a "1" in the column for the stage you picked it up. Add 1 each time you step something up. The die rating gets calculated automatically (stop when you get to d12!).

PDF Character Sheet

I found that the official character sheets didn't give a lot of room for writing Statements or Specialties, so I created a version with longer lines.

If you space Distinctions and Abilities with two blank lines between them, you can put each Trigger or Special Effect on a separate line.

This is pretty much just an online version of the PDF character sheet, designed for use on Google Drive.

Game Mechanic To-Do List

A simple checklist of Smallville's mechanical functions, designed as an aide for those who want to learn the ins and outs of the system. Once you've done all of these and understand how they work, you pretty much know all of the mechanical functions of the system (let me know if I missed any)!

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