Sunday, 24 February 2013

Skyship Islands 2

This session we had two new members who hadn't played PowerFrame before.
  • Alice plays Amarylis, a female Centaur barbarian with a warhammer and an attitude.
  • Michael plays Engrin, a quiet male Human rogue armed with a crossbow.
  • +Andrew is playing Inigo Yonez, a Dwarven archaeologist.
  • +Melysa is playing Annona, a Jungle Elf shaman.
  • I'm playing Zanne, the Human captain of a small skyship. 

We met up with the new PCs shortly after the beginning of the session.

We reached the island after many days of travel. It was once said to be lush like the surrounding islands, but through some misadventure of the cult of life and death, it had been turned into a barren wasteland, and was now no more than a vast desert with a mountain in the centre. The heart of this mountain held our next destination, and a fragment of the journal.

As we neared the mountain, we were threatened by a massive sandstorm rolling in from the North. Rather than running past our destination and returning in the lee of the mountain, I made a snap decision to save time and pilot the ship into the shelter of a canyon on the closer slopes. We just managed to ride ahead of the storm, and pulled into a tranquil gorge as the storm raged overhead. Reno waited until now to tell me that he'd sighted the masts of a ship, possibly a pirate, moored on a cove on the Eastern side of the island.

We spotted two people descending the wall of the canyon along a steep track. We ascertained that they were not pirates, but fellow journal-seekers who had booked passage here on the ship we'd seen. Unfortunately for them, the crew were indeed pirates, and the two explorers had been abandoned. We teamed up together and mounted an expedition to the temple's back entrance, leaving Reno and Matis to look after the ship.

The path up the cliff wall led to where the canyon narrowed to just a few metres across, with both walls towering above us. We discovered a large group of pirates camped on the canyon floor, just near a cave that was the back entry to the temple. We tried to ambush them, but it quickly turned into a stand-up fight. The pirates were eventually defeated, but the last of their number ran into the cave...

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