Sunday, 27 January 2013

Skyship Islands 1

Rohin's begun a new campaign as a fresh 2013 start for one of our groups. I wasn't present when the others brainstormed the game setting, but we've ended up with a fantasy world of mostly tropical islands (some flying), with several large continental civilisations nearby. All of our characters have some sort of investment in the journals of an archaeologist who explored the archipelago; he has died or disappeared, along with most of his apprentice collaborators. Many journal fragments are lost or scattered around the world, each containing fragmentary clues as to the location of a great ruin.
  • +Andrew is playing Inigo Yonez, a Dwarven archaeologist.
  • +Melysa is playing Annona, a Jungle Elf shaman.
  • I'm playing Zanne, the Human captain of a small skyship. As a trader, her main motivations are to protect her ship and crew (Reno the engineer and Matis the sailor), make money, and discover the fate of one of her relatives who wrote some of the journal fragments. 
This blog series will be presented as Zanne's captain's log.

By combining our current knowledge, we were able to glean the location of a treasure that would lead us to another journal fragment. It was concealed in a giant ruined fort on an isolated island, which is now home to a large tribe of goblins.

We flew in by skyship under cover of morning fog. Reno and Matis took the ship aloft to avoid potential goblin arrows, and we proceeded on foot. We entered the ruins via a sandy pit that led into a tunnel, although we had to fight our way through a colony of giant crabs. Beyond, the passage began to show signs of stonework, although at one point the floor was little more than a crust of powdery sandstone. We determined the solid areas and proceeded to a great, heavy door leading into the ruins proper.

Inside, we heard the sounds of goblin activity nearby - they seemed to be camped rather than patrolling. We eventually decided to take them by surprise and negotiate from a position of strength. In return for a good supply of crab meat, and our assurances that we weren't there to kill anyone or take the place over, they allowed us to search the ruins - so long as we did not stray too far.

With our way clear, it was a simple matter to locate the gem in its concealed wall-space and depart. The gem has directed us to a desolate island a couple of weeks' travel to the South, where we'll find the journal fragment concealed behind the third eye of the statue of a yellow god in an abandoned temple, once home to a cult of life and death. We'll stop off at a nearby port to take on supplies before flying into the the heart of a blasted wasteland, rumoured to be rife with the undead...