Saturday, 19 January 2013

My Gaming Odyssey Begins!

Welcome to my humble roleplaying game blog!

When I was at university in the 90's, I played and ran a lot of different roleplaying games. Around 1996 I started working on my own game, "PowerFrame" - and I didn't look at any other games for over a decade. In fact, I pretty much missed the entire "indie RPG" boom. Around 2010 I discovered The Forge and, and began to rediscover what was going on in the hobby. After a lot of reading and intellectual "wandering in the desert", I decided to spend a year trying out a variety of new, innovative systems.

This blog will serve a few purposes:
  • I've been developing, writing, and playing my own game "PowerFrame" for a long while now, and I want to keep a record of the development process.
  • I'd like to go back and analyse the games we played during my 2012 odyssey, and reflect on how I and my players found them. I'll also be posting our impressions of any new games we try.
  • On and off, I've been writing session reports of the games I've been running and playing in. It'll be handy to record them in one place and link to them, rather than copy-pasting them across various sites.

Edited to add:

I just discovered I can massively back-date posts! Since a lot of my initial content is going to be archived or recalled material from the last couple of years, I'll date posts according to when they happened, not when I actually published the blog entry.

So, 19 Jan 2013 is when I started the blog. Any posts dated before then are from my archives!