Sunday, 15 June 2014

Finished Writing PowerFrame

Today I have substantially finished writing the PowerFrame RPG!

That's not to say it's ready for release, though.

What next?

The document is currently 231 pages long, and I'm aiming for a total length of no more than 240 pages. Although I've written all the rules for the current content, I could add some more sample spells (or maybe take some out), and I'm considering whether or not to add some sample helicopters, lighter-than-air ships, and spaceships to the Vehicles section. If I do that, I will have to write a few additional paragraphs of specific rules for them. Apart from that, I also need to put together an index.

In addition to any content tweaks or additions, I need to go through line by line and do a final proofreading and editing pass. I know it's not that wise to edit your own work, but this is a labour of love so I can't afford to hire anyone else to do it. I'm pretty good at catching errors though, so hopefully there's not too much to fix. I think the main thing will be that, given the few years between starting and finishing, I may have changed the way I present certain information or use the formatting, so I'll need to audit the document for consistency.

The other major tasks are to produce good versions of several stand-in diagrams, and to draw and colour many illustrations. I suspect the illustrations will take a substantial amount of time, so it will be at least a few more months before it's ready for release.