Sunday, 7 April 2013

Skyship Islands 4

  • Alice plays Amarylis, a female Centaur barbarian with a warhammer and an attitude.
  • +Andrew is playing Inigo Yonez, a male Dwarven archaeologist.
  • +Melysa is playing Annona, a female Jungle Elf shaman.
  • Michael plays Engrin, a quiet male Human rogue armed with a crossbow.
  • I'm playing Zanne, the female Human captain of a small skyship. 

A chamber full of undead warriors stands between us and the next fragment of journal (concealed in a statue), and four pirates have just entered the chamber to boot!

The pirates began fighting their way through the skeletons and zombies, heading across the room towards the statue. We fought conservatively as we had the longer distance to travel, and also we didn't mind if the undead and pirates fought each other. 

Shortly after the fight began, we'd made little headway against the dozen or so skeletons and zombies, but two of the pirates were surrounded and overwhelmed by the shambling horde while their companions reached the statue. I held our entry doorway while Annona and Engrin provided covering fire from the corridor. Amarylis ran around smashing the undead, while Inigo moved to hold the doorway the pirates had entered from, to prevent them leaving with our treasure.

One of the pirates climbed the statue and prised the ruby eye from its forehead. The area surrounding the statue was immediately engulfed in flames, killing the hapless brigand sitting on it, and setting fire to one of the zombies. The only remaining pirate just managed to dive free of the flames, but Engrin's crossbow quickly put an end to his good fortune.

We quickly finished off the remaining undead. We met with no casualties, but several of us suffered injuries. Amarylis' wounds required the attention of Annona's healing magic.

The great ruby from the statue lay heat-fractured on the floor, but we took it to break into smaller gems. The blue sapphire we'd found in the first ruin fitted into the idol's eye socket, and revealed a magically concealed chamber in the base of the statue. We retrieved the journal fragment and returned to the ship.

From the journal, we learned that the next journal piece was on a flying island, in the ruin of an Elven city. We briefly considered raiding, sabotaging, or sinking the pirate vessel moored off the coast, but decided against it. Instead, we took to the skies and headed towards our next destination.

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